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mushroom base

Green Giant canned mushrooms have been sourced from Asia for more than 20 years. In 2006, General Mills successfully established a mushroom base in Sichuan, collaborating with a local supplier, Blue Field Food Co.

Our large quantity and high-quality standard, which requires fresh mushrooms that are grown in mushroom houses, provides opportunities to Blue Field and the local government to develop a prosperous mushroom agriculture and also creates benefits for local farmers.

Creating a new mushroom farming model in Sichuan
Based on a sustained contract manufacturing business with Green Giant, Blue Field and the local government initiated a plan of large-scale mushroom growing in the area. Mushroom houses were built with the subsidies from the government.

Raising substantial incomes and employment rate
This business model provides thousands of jobs in that area that helps improve residents' standard of living.

There are currently 4,000 mushroom growing houses in operation.

In 2007, Green Giant purchased over 5,000 tons of fresh mushrooms and created around RMB 28 million of income for 8,000 contracted farmers there.

Improving local processing capability
We have worked closely with Blue Field in farming, quality and production control, which helps the supplier become a world-class mushroom processor.